Saturday, October 09, 2004

Slowly he turns.....

I created this dude to be my, Spirit Warrior. What's cool about this guy is he only travels via dream waves and he only targets lawyers. He lives under their beds and lurks in the closet waiting for the light to go out. The last thing the attorney sees, before his head is seperated from his body, is the razor edge of this ax, glinting from the street light as it arcs to his doom.

I should have added that the inspiration for this graphic.... I was still a little ticked off because my attorney had recently screwed me out of $60,000.00...... If you hire an attorney make sure you understand ALL of the fees he charges BEFORE you sign the contract. I found out, (the hard way) they will charge you 400 bucks an hour, copy machine charge... That is 400 dollars every time they copy stuff for you.. Now maybe you can understand my state of brain..

Bunch of layers and technical stuff, too many to list here.


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