Monday, September 27, 2004

Karmic Ass Biting..

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It's not often in life, you get to be a witness to some good old Karma Payback.

A couple years ago, my wife was a shift supervisor at a local grocery store. One of the clerks decided that she could do my wife's job better.. and began to undermine and back stab her, all the while pretending to be her pal. Theresa, (my wife) had climbed through the ranks.. Had some great work ethics, never took a day off from work, (even when she was sick), she had earned her position. Her pal Ella went from being a clerk one day to being Theresa's boss the next! They stripped her job from her that quickly and never said a thing to her about it. They let Ella tell her. Ever so chicken shit of Brad, (Theresa's boss.)

Turned out to be a silver lining.. It seems the owners of the store next door had paid attention all those years and had seen Theresa's work ethics and had made note of them, so, when Theresa was demoted, the other store offered her a full time job, with benefits and vacation PLUS, they wanted to pay her what she was getting at the market... And so without a bassackwards glance, she jumped the market's ship, went to work next door and is happy as a clam, (2 years later.)

NOW, we come to the Karma payback. Ella has been a total shit, in her new position as supervisor. No work ethics, came in late everyday. She quickly found out that Theresa's job was a lot tougher than she made it seem and so she began to hone her extortion skills and began to demand, special treatment. She decided she didn't want to do the whole job that was required for the position so she threatened to quit, unless they changed this requirement and of course girlie-man (Brad) cowed down and gave her what she wanted. More money for less work.

Then, she got it in her head she was, "the best employee they had.." and demanded to be relieved of the burden of being night supervisor, demanded to be put on days... Demanded a raise.. or, "she would quit." Girlie-man gave her what she wanted. She wasn't supervisor and promoted to days, plus a hefty pay raise. The market hired a new person to supervise and things settled down for a bit. A tiny bit... Till Ella caught wind of the pay, this new person was getting. She found out the person that was hired for her old position was getting higher pay than her and it just made her furious..! She went to the girlie-man and DEMANDED more money NOW, or, "she was quitting... you blankety-blank no account." Girlie-man, tired of being pushed around by her said, "fine, don't let the door hit you on the butt on your way out.." And out she stomped.

Ella climbed the ladder of success starting with my wife's shoulders and now a mere two years later she is unemployed and broke, (the broke part is what she confided to Theresa last night.)

Theresa has MUCH to much class to say this, but not me.. I've been wanting to say it for a long time, so I will, (it's my blog after all.)

HA-HA Ella! Fuck you! What goes around, comes around and you got your JUST reward!



Blogger npalmtree said...

I am glad there is some payback in the world today...must of made your wife happy. BIG SMILE my little Conman on your 8 Ball Blog..

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich, Chett here.... your Blogger site is pretty cool; I REALLY liked the story of your wife and the market... yea, I guess some things never change: what goes around, comes around... you must be awfully proud of your wife, the 'classy type'... my wife is the same way, and I'm lucky to have her... karma is kool...

take care,


10:39 AM  

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