Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Looks..

I am working on the background, I looked at the code, trying to figure it out, spied the width and height of the graphic needed for the back ground, jumped over to Photoshop and messed with an idea all day long I think it's shaping up..

I made the 3 eightball logo and put it in place thanks to a nifty little FREE image host service.

*ImageShack Link*

Although, I do like the, Flickr, image program *Link Here*
I don't like the fact that I have to come up with 2 seperate explanations about the photos. One for this page, one for the flikr.

Another thing about the Flickr account is that your copyright really doesn't seem to be protected. When you use the service your stuff is in the public domain.. You can use their service to get something that they will embed in your image that says it's yours, (a watermark.)

With the imageshack, I can just add the code to the html.. and I'm pretty used to doing it this way..........
I photoshop the copyright anyway, free, doesn't cost me a dime.. so, I will switch, I reckon.

Thanks for looking..!


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