Saturday, September 25, 2004

AAAAaaaahhhhhggggr! Where is the humanity!!

See the grid, in the background? This is as close to a visual I can give you about the workings of my brain. Not the grid so much but, the quadrants, in between. To the eye they are flat, but in reality, (seen from the side) they are 1000 feet deep, only........ because my grey matter tilted a number of years ago most, (not all) of my artistic thoughts are more of the 8 Ball variety. I just can't stop messing with the design of this damn Blog page. Lines, lines... more gawd damn lines.. Click, click, click.. It's like I can hear the letter press in my head just ka-chink, ka-chunking, click, click..

More, more....MORE! The design just keeps creeping and creeping. It's almost like those vines in the jungle.. They just keep creeping, winding their way around everything they come in contact with, covering up any ideas as quickly as they are thought. On and on.... I think I am done, post a blog, (like the one below) then I dream the design, when I sleep.. Wake in the morning and click, click, ka-chink, ka-chunk... The brainvines come creeping, sleep comes sleeping.. I wake, and here I am again, making way for the vines.

"AAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhgggggggr! Where is the humanity!!"

Before I forget, if you happen to be an occasional reader of this Blog, because of my obsessive compulsion about the visual design of this beast, please remember to re fresh the page in your browser so you will be able to view, any changes.

Thankyouverymuch .... Or, something like that.


Blogger npalmtree said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:23 PM  
Blogger RicTresa said...

Shit! I clicked on the, shirt icon and erased your commment..

Sorry about that.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Flaming Cartwheel of Death said...

Ric, Ric, Ric...

Thanks for the comment. I put up a link to the ol' 8 ball because you art is truly worthy. You've got something going with the 2-D overlays. Work it. I like it quite bit. Doubt I could afford any work!

I would say, if I could afford a Mac, I'd have one, but we just bought another laptop for the wife. I trust you know how that goes. PS I paid $3000 1984 dollars for a Macintosh. No hard-drive. 128k memory. Some day... Onward. Thanks for the motivation.

11:14 PM  
Blogger RicTresa said...

Yeah.. I forked over 2200 smacks for my 1st swindows computer.. I got raped. The damn thing only lasted a year then took a shit AND... The guy that sold it to me went bakrupt and out of business.. Only my dollars were 1998, versions. My 2nd windows box wound up costing me around 2000 smacks because I loaned a friend the money and he skipped out and left me holding the box. My 3rd screw was from Compaq, 500 smacks for a CPU.. never worked right, was pretty quirky then, I went to college and was trying to do my digital design homework on it when it smoked up and stopped working...........

2 years ago I bought this mac.. 700 MHz, 60 Gig HD, 1 Gig RAM.. G3 iMac on eBay for around 600 bucks.. by far the best computer I own.

Santa, if you're reading this.. "I want a dual processer G5 Tower with 3 Gigs Ram..." "Just the tower Santa, I'll get the rest..."

6:25 PM  

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