Monday, September 13, 2004


Originally uploaded by RicTresa.

The monsoon season is upon us, here in the frozen north. Everything is getting it's much needed water. The trees are digging it.

Everything was getting water except for the plants I had on the back deck.. We have a roof on the deck so not much rain falls on the plants. I took the hose and misted the hanging plants and watered them all.. Then I noticed how the water was beading up on a spiderweb that was attatched to my spider plant and saw an Photoshop oppourtunity.

3 layers in this pic..
1. Desaturated.
2. Poster edges/eraser tool/black outline.
3. Original layer.

I sliced it, diced it... toss in a little blend. Presto-chango! Makes a nice desktop...


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