Monday, December 18, 2006


Well.. Amazing things sometimes follows bad times, I guess. I'm sitting here today, zoning.. Just sitting and thinking about how it really didn't feel like Christmas this year. When suddenly, there is a knock on the door and someone asking for Tresa. I fling open the door and here is this guy saying that they had a load of wood for us and where did I want them to put it?

I'm looking at him like he is nutz..And he points to one of my cars and says, "where did that one come from?" I go, "excuse me? Do I know you?".. and I must have been looking like I was ready to get my gun or something because he says, "I'm Robyn's husband!" Roybn works with my wife.

"ohh.. okay, sorry about that. I don't get out much.." says me. I am too suspicious sometimes.

So any way they have a truck load of firewood, (a gift) and out jumps Jim's son, (I'm sorry, I have memory problems when it comes to names and I have already forgotten his) with a splitting maul and he proceeds to split the rounds up into quarters for me. I couldn't hardly believe the kindness. It was some really hard work.

Angels on the Key Peninsula. I've seen them. They exist. Suddenly, it feels a whole lot more about Christmas.

December 21st 2007

Boy! That Roybn, turned out to be a, "peach." My wife was falsely accused of theft, by her boss on September 24th 2007 and fired. She had worked there for nearly 5 years and was, (she thought) a trusted employee. It turns out that you can sometimes be more loyal than they deserve. It's a hard lesson learned, so late in one's life. Roybn was one of about 3 people she worked with that Tresa considered a, "friend."

"Don't worry, Tresa.." she was told, "I'll stand up for you." Roybn said.

Well... I'm here to tell you that it has been nearly 3 months and she has not been arsed to call, one single time. So afraid to lose her small grip on her lot in life, she was, (and is) willing to throw an innocent victim to the lions just to avoid bringing heat on herself.

I just can't understand it.. I really can't. I have some morals. I know that if a fellow employee was being lied about, I wouldn't sit still or silent if I knew the truth of the matter.

I can only hope her Christmas is as pleasant as ours, this year.