Sunday, January 27, 2008

Social Networking 101.. F minus.

Social Networking 101.. F minus.

I am done with the online social thing. After joining my first one over 3 years ago the charm has run it's course and I'm done. It isn't like I had a bunch of kooks run me off, or anything like that, (it was only one.. just one.) But you know what? One is all it should take for anybody because like it or not, there are a BUNCH of KOOKS on the loose in the real world, and any one of them could show up on your front porch some night, (like happened to an author friend of mine, a few years back.) My friend wrote romantic novels and he wrote them really good and with style so much so this Kook thought that his books were messages to her to find him because he wanted to make a life with her. Even though he wrote under an assumed name.. she found him and showed up on his door step at zero dark thirty one night, The very door step that him his wife and son were all fast asleep on the other side there of. She didn't understand why he didn't invite her in or why he had a wife and so much did she get Kookier, the cops were called.. she was hauled off and Joe had to move.

So that is it and that is all for me folks. I learn from my friend's mistakes... I'm staying on my own playgrounds and writing for nobody in particular forever more. It's allot easier this way. I'll still do my art for others to enjoy and use on their desktops but gone forever more is my presence on a forum in any form other than a shout box or two.

I may, (from time to time,) come back to this subject... Maybe, maybe not.


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