Monday, September 18, 2006

Still Floppin'...

25 Peeps.Com

Well, here I am, day number eight and still feeling like dog-poo. Maybe a little better than warmed over, (I hope) but still not feeling up to snuff.

If this is west nile virus I can tell you I will never go outside into nature again with out a ton of bug reppelent smeared THICK on my body. I'm not going to care if I reppel everything human or bug..I don't care if I am a walking bug-bomb! I don't care, this being sick is no picnic. It's more like malaria or some damn thing.. All I want to do is sleep..Sleep, sleep. I wake up sleepy and sleep, sleepy.

"Ahhhh.. the humanity! Old and sleepy.

25 Peeps.Com


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