Sunday, November 07, 2004

North By 40 Squared....

Yeah, I really like this time of year.. Fall and then Winter, although probably not for all the usual reasons. Back when I was a kid I lived in a place that was dry in the summer months and because of the chance of a wild land fire.. You didn't go hiking in the summer.. but when the rains came, LOOK OUT! I was a hiking fool. I did it for so many years I preferred to hike and climb in the rain... This has all degenerated, (all these years later) into my present day... For what that's worth.

Back to the point.. I do love this time of year but being up here in Washington State has a disadvantage thrown into the mix.. It gets well digger ankle dark at 4 pm.. And at times gawddamn cold as well...

The point to this Blog? ...If there was one it is lost on me now.. Musta' had something to do with it being dark and cold. Yeah... it's not as bad as say Fairbanks Alaska... Man, we are talking extream. Get's dark and stays that way for months... Nooo.. not that bad. They say that when you ramble on like this.. aimlessly you have forgotten what you were trying to say or just plain forgot.

..Just forgit I mentioned it.

YEOW -->> RicTresa


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