Friday, September 10, 2004

Yeah Baby!

Current Pic of Me
Originally uploaded by RicTresa.

Up until Feb., of this year, I had no idea what a blog was for and why you would want one.. I mean, it isn't like I don't have a couple websites, because I do so why would I find it a good deal to post my ideas and general bullshit, thinking that anybody might find my inner thoughts interesting..?

Then I joined an online community that had free blogs for it's members.. I opened one up, posted some of my life and found that people DID want to read what I wrote and so I was hooked and have been a blogger ever since.

The only problem with the other group is I kind of type cast myself as a realy nice person, (which I am... Just not all the time.) So I think this version of the 8 Ball will be the pallet for the rest of me... Like it or not.

But, just like the other version of this blog I will be using this space to show the art I create for anyone to enjoy...

YEOW!BOING!.. Let the show begin..


Blogger Whiny Bitch said...

Love that skull background!


2:01 PM  
Blogger npalmtree said...

Nice graphic!! Really like the blog...much better than spymac.

You look like a part of the knights of the round table.

8:08 AM  

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