Friday, July 15, 2005

Ohh Momma...

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Man, I was so lucky yesterday. I was working on my car, for a couple of hours, moving all around this tarp I had rolled up and placed on the roof of this very car back at the begining of the last winter.

Then, I got tired of dodging that darn tarp so I grabbed it and moved it a bit when I was suddenly engulfed in a cloud of small yellow jacket hornets. They had eaten part of the tarp away and had built a paper nest inside the roll. And when I moved it.. Out they came to protect and serve!

I am a tad crippled and don't move fast but I'm here to tell you I turned and sprinted for the front door, (I bet my cane didn't touch the ground once) and some how I wasn't stung...

Tramatized me a little bit, though. I felt like there was things crawling on me all night long.