Friday, February 18, 2005

Road Trip...

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We Went to Tacoma, yesterday then hurried up, so we could come back home, to the Peninsula, where we belong. I'm just not comfortable around the city folk. Don't feel like I fit in and I'm always happy top see the sticks. Yesterday, I was happy to take their pics and today I am equally happy to turn them into graphics for your viewing pleasure.

Out the other side of the dirty car window... Henderson Bay, Baby!
.. Click the pic for the gallery view.

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The posts, (pilings) you see sticking out of the water are what the oyster farmers tie the oyster pots to. This one you see in the picture is a company called, Minter Farms..*LINK HERE* If you live here in the States and you like Oysters the chances are pretty good they came from here. Minter has been in business for over 50 years.

Look at that damn bird! I didn't even know I had a picture of one till I down loaded it to the Mac... An added treat.

Click the pic for a gallery view...

Mount Rainier, (14,495 feet) peeking over that Tacoma hill as we cross over the Narrows, yesterday.


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